Custom Signs in Victoria

Custom Signs Services in Victoria

Attract more customers with uniquely designed custom signs in Victoria! Houston Sign Ltd offers a wide range of customized services for businesses and industries to create their brand and leave a lasting impression on customers.

​If you are looking for non-illuminated or illuminated signs, custom neon signs or digitally printed graphics, we offer all sign services.

With over 50 years of experience, we are the experts in designing, manufacturing and installing signs. We work with you from start to finish, determining the best product to meet your purposes and goals. With the help of our graphic designers, we can help you visually represent your business with a high-quality product.  Memorable and enticing, adding a new sign has shown to play a very important roll in attracting customers.

Grab the Attention of Customers with Custom Signs

Appealing to all kinds of customers is the dream of every business owner. Signs play a major role in creating a visual magnet that pulls clientele towards your business. From the entrance to the backdoor, signage makes an effective marketing strategy to draw attention and make clients want to do business with you. At Houston Sign Ltd, some of the custom signs that we specialize in are:




There are many types of Illuminated signs which have an array of lights making them bright and appealing. With the advantage of being visible from a distance, especially at night, such signs help in effective communication with customers. With the spotlight on your business, we supply energy-efficient LED lighting that is long-lasting as compared to other lights. 




Non-illuminated signs can be made using a variety of materials and are best used in well-lit areas. Non-illuminated signs come in a variety of fonts, colours, architectural lettering and custom shapes to meet your specific business needs.



Catering specifically for nighttime functionality, neon signs are luminous and catch the eye of any passer-by within seconds.


Neons signs are one of the best ways to attract attention to your business due to the specific characteristics of neons glow. Great for interior or exterior use, neon gives your business a competitive edge as clients can see your sign from afar. Catering specifically for nighttime functionality, neon signs are luminous and catch the eye of any passer-by within seconds. Glass tubing is bent to your specific custom shape or text and filled with gas to produce vivid colours.

Mayfair Dental Etch3.jpeg


Frosted window film is an excellent option to add privacy but still let in natural light.

Avery Dennison Etchmark is a semi-transparent film that is removable and can be used in business spaces as well as homes!


We can also customize it with  logos/designs/patterns cut directly into the Etchmark for a more unique look.


IMG_1190 (1).jpg


Using an advanced digital printer, we can design customized large formats of signs in a variety of colours and designs. From your business logo to the tagline and most loved products, we will create signs that appeal to your customers.



Popular among businesses of all kinds, high-quality message boards are easy-to-use, and can be installed quickly. With added features of remote access, user-friendly application and 3D animations and graphics in monochrome or full colour, Electronic Message Boards are ideal for exterior signage.