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About Us

Our Company 

For almost six decades, our business signs and display services have helped companies in Victoria and its surrounding areas with all their signage needs. We put our experience to work creating custom products according to your vision, tastes and preferences in order to enhance your business.

We offer a large variety of business sign services for you to choose from. Some of our services include custom illuminated signs, neon signs, digital printing, sign installation and much more.  Contact us to learn more about our services in detail and let us help you create the perfect custom sign for your unique needs.

We use the latest technology at every step along the way, from project management, graphic design and straight through to production until your custom sign is completed and installed.

We aim to offer every Houston Sign customer remarkable customer service in order to build lasting customer relationships. When we install your sign, it’s not the end, but instead the beginning of a great customer service journey.

We make you stand out! 


Custom signs are a way to establish a great first impression with your consumers and improve sales. A great sign helps reflect the personality and culture of your business along with what it offers. It’s the oldest form of advertising and a vital aspect to make your business a success.


At Houston Sign Ltd., we ensure that the combination of your vision and our efficient design, production and installation services, leads to more visibility and growth for your business. Our goal is to provide a unique look for your business to make it stand out amongst the rest.


We know that our business depends on yours, so we take the time to ensure we meet your needs and understand all of your concerns. Contact us now whether you are starting a new business or wish to enhance the visibility of an already established business!

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