About Digital Printing in Victoria

We offer advanced digital printing in Victoria on a variety of surfaces and products. At Houston Sign, you have a large range of options to choose from, so you can make your business look truly unique.

Our Digital Printing Services

Don't confuse digital printing with traditional printing methods like flexography or lithography. Digital printing offers several benefits that increase production speed and efficiency.

With digital printing, we don't need to replace printing plates like we would with an analog printer. And no plates means a faster turnaround and a lower cost for each task.

You may have an inkjet or laser printer at home. Those machines use the same printing technology as our digital printers. But we can print on a far greater variety of surfaces than a home model can. We print posters, banners, and other large objects with our digital equipment.

For example, we offer digital printing with the following products:

  • Fleet/vehicle graphics
  • Panel signs
  • Sandwich boards
  • Format banners
  • Translucent graphics (for windows or illuminated displays)

We provide almost anything you would need for an interior display, plus a few exterior graphics. Thanks to the power of modern technology, our digital printing in Victoria helps us decrease the time spent on each task, so we can meet any reasonable deadline.

Our Company

Larry Houston founded Houston Sign back in 1963. Since then, we have remained a family-owned business, now with over 50 years of experience.

Choose us to benefit from variety of custom work options and a friendly and informative staff. For all forms of digital printing in Victoria, we will do everything we can to suit your needs and ensure our best work.

Please drop by our office, located at 502 William St. in Victoria, BC, or call us at 250-385-9993 to talk to a representative about your digital printing needs.

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